Dreamworks Troll Poppy Cuddle 22″ Pillow Pal 2020-21

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Dreamworks Troll Poppy Cuddle 22″ Pillow Pal. Trolls Poppy Doll, Best Sellers, Most Influential Doll Toys.

Dreamworks Troll Poppy Cuddle 22

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Dreamworks Troll Poppy Cuddle 22″ Pillow Pal. Trolls Poppy Doll


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Dreamworks Troll Poppy Cuddle 22″ Pillow Pal

Your child will love this Dreamworks shaped Poppy cuddle pillow. This cuddle pillow is 6x12x22 inches. Made of polyester exclusive of decoration. Spot clean.Package includes one 6x12x22 inches poppy cuddle pillow
Fabric is polyester, exclusive of decoration
Cuddle pillow is the shape of poppy
Spot clean only

Dreamworks Troll Poppy Cuddle 22″ Pillow Pal

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Trolls Poppy Doll 2020-21 Dreamworks Troll Poppy Cuddle 22″ Pillow Pal.

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