Get The Nurse Dolls – Nurse Nicole African American Doll – 18” Tall, Dressed in Full Nurse Uniform (Ages 3+)

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The Nurse Dolls – Nurse Nicole African American Doll – 18” Tall, Dressed in Full Nurse Uniform (Ages 3+). African Doll Toy, Explore African Doll Of 90s

The Nurse Dolls - Nurse Nicole African American Doll – 18” Tall, Dressed in Full Nurse Uniform (Ages 3+)

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Barbie Toys, Dolls, Playsets, Dream Houses & More. The Nurse Dolls – Nurse Nicole African American Doll – 18” Tall, Dressed in Full Nurse Uniform (Ages 3+). African Doll Toy


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Whether you work in a school, clinic, hospital or are a parent looking to educate your children, Nurse Nicole is the perfect toy to teach children the importance of nursing and a STEM career in healthcare.

Your child will love playing with Nurse Nicole while learning all about the great ways nurses help keep us healthy and happy every day. Your Nurse Nicole Doll is African American and comes outfitted with a full nurse’s uniform including an ID badge, white lab coat, white nurse’s cap with a red cross, red scrub top, black pants and black shoes. This doll is a standard doll size and will fit any 18″ doll clothing.

The Nurse Dolls, books and DVDs were inspired by a nurse of over 20 years and proud mother of three. When her children began asking about her career she saw the need for products that provide health education and nursing role models to children.

Are you looking for more ways for your children to learn about nursing? The Nurse Dolls also has published two books and a DVD, each sold separately, that give children an insight into the rewarding career of being a nurse.

The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse (sold separately) is a clever story about a nurse with three children who are curious about nursing. This educational, yet engaging, book describes the art and science of nursing in a way that is both entertaining and easy for young children to understand.

The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Wash Your Hands (sold separately), is a book that shares vivid examples of where germs are located and the step by step process to get rid of germs.

The DVD, The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Battle of the Germs (sold separately) reviews how nurses get rid of germs in the hospital and how a parents gets rid of germs at home.

Doll measures 18 inches tall; fits into standard 18″ doll clothing
Comes with a nurse ID badge, white lab coat, black croc shoes, white nurse’s cap, red scrub top and black pants
Fun and effective tool for educators, health professionals or parents who want to teach their children about nursing, STEM careers or give as a nurse gift
Books sold separately: Autographed signed books “The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse” & “The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Wash Your Hands”; DVD sold separately: “The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Battle of the Germs”
Recommended for children ages 3+

African Doll Tribal The Nurse Dolls – Nurse Nicole African American Doll – 18” Tall, Dressed in Full Nurse Uniform (Ages 3+)

African Doll Toy: Buy Now From Amazon

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Adorable stuffed dogs are a favored gift for dog lovers. Learn what to look for and what to Stay clear of.

Although it’s difficult to say when the first stuffed dogs appeared, I would guess that it was soon after dogs were domesticated. We do recognize that as long as there have actually been kids, there have actually been dolls, rattles, miniature weapons, and hand-made pets. Anthropologists have actually discovered proof of baby toys dating back to the earliest records of human life.

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For kids in the one to three year age array, prevent baby toys small parts that might be ingested, aspirated (inhaled into the air passages or lungs) or inserted into the nose or ears. The eyes and noses of stuffed dogs must be safely fastened and the joints well sewn. Stay clear of stuffed dogs with any sharp edges, rough sides, or strings.

Right here are some specific guidelines to keep in mind according to a youngster’s age:

Birth to 6 months age Kids

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Never hand a baby toy from the baby crib, baby stroller, playpen, etc., or around babies neck.

6 months to 1 year age Kids

Infants become more mobile at this age and engage more with their baby toys. This is likewise the age when they like to go down points, so good soft stuffed dogs will gain points with Mommy for the absence of loud collapsing noises as they hit the flooring!! Naturally, your peace and quiet might be spoiled by the reality that baby toys that squeak when squeezed are popular at this age. Puppets are still a fantastic means for moms and dads to hold a youngster’s interest, and there’s also one popular brand name that functions as a washcloth at bath time.

The stuffed dogs you select must still have a short heap textile. Infants start teething at 6 months, and will absolutely eat on their baby toys, so ensure you buy baby toys that you could throw in the washering

1 to 2 years age Kids

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At this phase, objects still get mouthed, so stuffed dogs must still have brief heap textile.

2 to 3 years age Children

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* No more thumbs or pacifiers at this age!! It will affect your kid’s oral and dental advancement.

3 to 6 years age Children

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6 to 9 years age Children

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Finally, given that your home (or the one you’re buying) may have kids of different ages, below are some basic rules you could comply with for fun and risk-free play:


When buying baby toys, keep in mind the kid’s age, rate of interests and capabilities.
Read baby toy or packaging tags for age ranges and security warnings.

Be specifically mindful when picking baby toys for kids under three. Select baby toys that are without small pieces (or pieces that separate or could be broken short), are light-weight, have no sharp sides or points and are safe.

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Remind caregivers, consisting of grandparents, of play-related security worries

Examine Toys Every 3 Months for their Safety

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